Subscription Details

Information on the billing, prices, cancellation and other terms.

Subscription Renewal

Your subscription with Vehicle Checkr will automatically renew, and your card will be automatically charged the then current fees for the Vehicle Checkr subscription type or service(s) you’ve selected on a recurring basis until you cancel or delete your Vehicle Checkr subscription.

Pricing and other terms

Pricing, terms, features and support are subject to change by Vehicle Checkr at any time. See the terms of use for additional terms.

Free trials

Your trial will expire after 14 days. Once your trial has expired you will immediately be billed for your first month with Vehicle Checkr.


You can cancel your subscription at any time in your billing period without prior notice. To cancel you must go to the Cancel Subscription screen from your account dashboard (get more information or contact [email protected] for help). After you have cancelled your subscription you will continue to have full access until the end of your billing period. Prior to the end of your billing period you will have the opportunity to resume your subscription with your current plan.